Friday 12 September 2014

New Zea·land blog·ging by post

Don't you think it would be lovely to put together a parcel for a fellow New Zealand blogger, send it off, and then wait with excitement until a parcel full of goodies arrives on your doorstep for you?

Great! Then send me an email with the following details :
  • Your name and address.
  • Your blog's name and address.
  • Any allergies or things you would rather not receive.
I will then perform a complex algorithm and assign each person a recipient. I will only pass your address on to the person from whom you will be receiving a box.

For practical reasons with Christmas and holidays approaching, please email me by Sunday the 12th November. I will do the differential equations and email you the details of the person you are to post to by Wednesday 15th November. We will all post our boxes by Friday the 1st December, giving plenty of time for delivery and enjoyment of the contents before Christmas takes over.

And remember that because this is New Zealand Blogging by Post we can send anything we like - no customs and long delivery to worry about - this means home baking, cheese, honey - anything!

Let me know if you have any suggestions or queries!

Update - Jules has suggested a great idea - we should all include products that most tipify our regions, and products that are hard to get anywhere else, for example wild thyme from Otago.


Shaun said...

Emma - This is such a great idea. Hopefully it will be a continued tradition, for I'd love to participate in the future upon my return to New Zealand next year. Have fun Kiwi bloggers!

Emma said...

Shaun I hope this is the beginning of a long running tradition too! We look forward to your return.

FruitSeasons - I am working on a NZ seasonal produce guide at the moment - a very handy thing! Thanks for the link.

Caroline - so any plans for a visit or return?!

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