Friday 12 September 2014

Tattie Scones

Better than bread, pancakes or toast!

So, what could be better than bread, pancakes or toast? For breakfast that is? Well the answer is all in the the title : Tattie Scones!

Tattie scones are Scotland's answer to the breakfast carbohydrate question. And there definitely is one!

How else can you use up left over potatoes be they mash or boiled?
How else can you prepare something tasty but with no last minute required attention?
How else can you make a very economical breakfast starch that is easy too?

Well I couldn´t improve on Tattie Scones!

Tattie Scones are perfect beside sausages, Lorne if you can get them or indeed make them, a slice of black pudding, a fried egg, beans and bacon.

You can make them ahead of time and freeze them, or just make the mixture and for maximum indulgence cook them in the bacon fat (if you do not need that for the eggs!).
Tattie Scones
makes 4 generous portions

450g left over mashed, boiled or baked potato flesh, or indeed freshly cooked
100g to 150g plain flour

Mix the potato with enough flour to make a dough that is easily handled, adding salt to taste. If the potatoes were mashed or cooked with salt then make sure you don´t add too much. Remember that the tattie scones will probably be served with fairly salty things (bacon, black pudding, sausages).
You can rest the dough at this stage in the fridge until you are ready to cook them if you want the scones freshly cooked.
Heat a heavy frying pan to medium.
Divide the dough into four, form into balls and roll out on a floured surface to a circle to fit your heavy frying pan.
Melt a small amount of butter in the pan and cook each scone for a few minutes until it is starting to turn golden and puffy. Turn and cook with another knob of butter until the other side is done.
Cut into quarters and either cool then freeze or place in a 120°C oven until ready to eat.
To reheat from frozen place the quarters in the oven to warm while you cook your sausages black pudding, eggs, beans and bacon.
This is what Saturday morning brunches are made for.


Bron said...

Mmmm my kind of breakfast, Tattie scones, Lorne sausage.. we've missed you Emma! Although I know you have one utterly adorable reason to have been away ;-)

wine reviews said...

I'll definitely have to try these! They look and sound delicious. Bet my boys will like them too...Cheers~

Nigel Olsen said...

Emma! It's good to have you back :) This looks well tasty, & wouldn't look out of place on the brunch menu at work. Look forward to reading more!

sokeleng said...

This is a delicious recipe. However the dough turned out a bit too wet and difficult to be handled. No worry, this is not your fault. Different type of all purpose flour has different protein content, which affect the water absorbency level. Anyway thanks for sharing this great recipe.


Angel17 said...

I love eating this for breakfast. I am always making this. brands SHDP carries