Friday 24 March 2006

lem·on pars·ley chick·en

Lemon parsley chicken is a fantastic stand by, quickly made. All you need are some chicken breasts, lemon juice, parsley and butter, with a few other ingredients that you will probably have on hand any way. Just the thing for Too Many Chefs's Make it in !

Not too hard to describe, just fresh and lemony and green and fragrant. I particularly like it served with orzo, which cooks really quickly, but basmati rice is very good also. Something for the sauce to soak into. A simple salad is all you need to make a complete meal in less than thirty minutes.

This is how I make it * :

What you need :
Chicken breasts, tenderloin cut off and the main part sliced horizontally to make two thinner pieces.
Olive Oil
Flour, seasoned
Parsley, chopped
Lemon juice
Chicken stock

Orzo or basmati rice

The thirty minute countdown :
00:30 - First of all put the water on to boil for the rice or orzo.
00:29 - Pour yourself a glass of wine.
00:25 - Heat a frying pan to medium and when hot, add a good knob of butter and some olive oil.
00:20 - Toss the chicken in the seasoned flour then fry gently until golden and cooked through.
00:17 - Put the rice, if having, on to boil.
00:13 - Turn the chicken over
00:12 - Rip some lettuce into a salad
00:08 - Put the orzo, if having, on to boil.
00: 07 - Remove the chicken to a plate to keep warm.
00:06 - Degalze the pan with some lemon juice, then add enough stock to make a good sauce. Add more lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Allow to bubble up then add a knob of butter and the parsley.
00:04 - Return the chicken to the pan to heat through.
00:02 - Drain the rice or orzo.
00:00 - Serve the chicken on the orzo or rice and pour over the rest of the sauce.


*I have left the quantities vague because this is very easy to scale, and it all depends on your hunger and how much sauce you want. And of course how many you are to feed!


Anonymous said...

Only one glass of wine in 30 minutes- shame on you!

Anonymous said...

It would have been at least one bottle