Thursday 26 July 2007

Za'atar Naan Chips

Want not waste not or third time a treat?

When I made the spelt bread and was so happy with the result I immediately decided to use spelt flour to make naan to go with our Friday night curry. Brilliant : soft, tasty and oh so good topped with a schmear of garlic butter.

I had made more dough than we needed for a couple of naan, so I popped it in the fridge so I could use it on Saturday to make some flat breads for nibbling on with a glass of wine. Delicious : Served with toasted za'atar mixed with olive oil for dipping, the spelt shined through once again. However we ended up with more flat breads than we needed.

So on Sunday I broke the flat breads up into pieces and mixed them with the left over za'atar and oil (do I throw anything away?!). Baked, spread out on a sheet at 180°c, for about 20 minutes until they were crispy and golden. Such a good snack, such a good way to use up that naan dough.

Once again a cracker!


Anonymous said...


Your enthusiasm got me all enthusiatic as well. But the sad fact is i am a vegeterian . Not that i am tempted to eat it. just your way of expressing things got a smile on my face. Just wanted to let you know. you may have to see rick stein's food heros from great britain.just last week on BBC america he was getting all emotional about the same corned beef i think . Hope you had a wonderful meal.


Shaun said...

Emma - Dough is the gift that keeps on giving; it can always be divided and used again later. I love that you're getting such great use out of your za'atar. I adore sumac.

Emma said...

Anonymous - Maybe you could make the sauce for some other kind of dish? Using veg stock instead?

Shaun - It has become a bit of a habit really, making more dough than we need for friday, then using it all weekend. It made pizza this weekend!