Saturday 14 July 2007

am·a·ret·to and Christ·mas pud·ding

Amaretto and Christmas Pudding : very, very good.

When I made the Christmas Pudding last year I had more mixture than would fit in my mold so I steamed a couple of mini puddings in ramekins. These have been maturing nicely since last December and were perfect to pull out for our Mid-Winter Feast over at Nihowera.

I am not a particular fan of Christmas cake, but I love Christmas Pudding. Small slices of the rich pudding with a wee dram of Amaretto made a wonderful finish to a mid-winter meal. There are so many reasons to save the more traditional northern hemisphere Christmas dishes for a mid-winter feast and update our summer Christmas meal to reflect our summer weather.


Shaun said...

Emma - How clever you are, letting the mini puddings mature for six months! I bet they were worth the wait; the pieces in the pic certainly look moist (I hate dry puddings) and flavourful.

Emma said...

Shaun - I would love to say I did it on purpose! They were delicious, I think I will make a few small ones with left over mixture again this year.