Sunday 22 January 2006

gridd·led veg·e·table and ha·lou·mi sta·ck

Haloumi is a firm Cypriot style cheese with the fine ability to not melt when it is heated. Well, actually, if you leave it for too long on the BBQ or in the pan it will melt, sadly. A perfectly prepared piece of haloumi is warmed through, with a crispy crust, and still firm in the middle. Raw haloumi squeaks between your teeth when it is chewed, which I quite like. I think some people for this reason call it squeaky cheese.
I buy haloumi with the intention of trying it in a new way, perhaps grated into patties with courgette or included in a spinach pie with, or instead of, ricotta. But I always end up doing the same thing everytime because I love it so much.
Griddled Vegetable and Haloumi Stack

Slice a selection of griddling vegetables : aubergine, tomatoes, courgettes, mushrooms etc
Slice the Haloumi into pieces about 1 to 2 centimeters thick.
Prepare an olive oil bath flavoured with garlic, salt and pepper.
Heat your BBQ or griddle to medium high.
Dip the vegetables briefly into the oil bath to lightly coat the cut sides and place on the BBQ or griddle.
Cook the vegetables until soft and nicely branded.
If your griddle isn't large enough to hold all the vegetables (mine isn't), keep warm, and perhaps continue to cook, in a low oven in a dish.
When all the vegetables are cooked, dip the haloumi in the oil and griddle or BBQ on bothsides to form a lovely golden crust, but not to melt away.
Stack the vegetables and haloumi in a fetching manner, pouring over any vegetable juices that have collected.
If you want a more substantial dish, boiled new potatoes or sliced boiled and griddled kumara and perhaps some wilted spinach go really well.

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