Wednesday 24 May 2006

Quail eggs and spic·y salt

Quail's eggs seem so elegant. Small, yet perfectly formed and presented in a beautiful package. I have wanted to serve lightly hard boiled quail's eggs as finger food before a special meal for some time. So I finally did!

They were simple : simple to cook and simple to serve. But they were slightly tricky to peel and eat. I think that perhaps they are more conducive to sitting around, perhaps outside, killing time with friends, wine and food, rather than as predinner nibbles. You need somewhere to put your glass while you are peeling and somewhere to put the shell before dipping. I know I could have peeled them, but then the beautiful shells would have been lost. However, I am dying to make mini-scotch eggs with them soon!

We boiled the quail eggs for 2 minutes and served them with a spicy salt made by dry frying some left over curry spice mix until fragrant and mixing with some salt.


Anonymous said...

The first and only time I've seen and gotten quail eggs was when we sailed across the Atlantic in a 57 foot sail boat and we spent a week in the Canary Islands. The shells are lovely and they are such a sweet size. The spicy salt sounds lovely.

Emma said...

Wow! What a great association! Did you eat them? How?

The spicy salt was great, my Mother had made the curry spice mix - she really out did herself - especially for a lady who doesn't love curry!