Friday 9 December 2005

chil·li sher·ry

One of the most useful condiments one can have in the cupboard, in my opinion, is chilli sherry. A dash of chilli sherry makes an ordinary stir fry brilliant. Chilli sherry in a marinade gives a fantastic depth of flavour. Perhaps the best thing is that you get the sherry flavour and the chilli flavour in one hit - no chopping of chilli or feeling bad about using that fino from the fridge.

Chilli sherry is a breeze to make :

Buy a bottle of sherry ; dry or medium dry at a push, but definately not cream. I wouldn't recommend the completely undrinkable stuff on the bottom shelf at the supermarket. A decent bottle on sale is perfect.
Pour a wee bit out, into a glass if you have been lucky enough to buy a bargain.
Push some washed chilli's down the spout.
Leave for a month at the back of the pantry.
Use, but don't forget to prepare the next batch before this one runs out . . .

I have entered the photo at the top of the post in DMBLGIT 2006 #1 as hosted over at Spittoon Extra. Head on over and check out all the wonderful pictures.

Ooooo! Very exciting news - the photo at the top that I entered in DMBLGIT 2006 #1 was judged Winner Originality! In fine company indeed!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo,feel really motivated to buy a bottle of sherry.As a 60's housewife I used to keep a bottle under the kitchen bench for emergencies!!!! The recipe looks easy and I imagine that I could try different flavours

e d b m said...

That's a killer photo.