Sunday 31 July 2011

roast pork

Crackling crackling and I am the only one except Nico the dog who will eat it!  Luck!

We received a share in a pig on Friday and I have been looking forward roasting my part of the leg since it arrived!  We ordered the pork from which is local and rather well looked after.  I also asked the butcher for the fat to render (glorious lard coming up!), the snout for Nico the dog and all the other parts I could imagine!  Hams, sausages and gammon are arriving next week . . . I can't wait for the black bean soup made from the gammon-cooked-in-coca-cola-stock!

My piece of leg to roast weighed in at 2.1kg so I used the H-F-W formula of 20 minutes sizzle, plus 25 minutes per 500g and a half hour rest to calculate this schedule for our Sunday Roast :
The day before make rub by mashing together olive oil, bay leaves, garlic and salt and pepper and apply to pork and leave uncovered in fridge to ensure nice dry skin, leading to crackly crackling.
8am take pork out of fridge to come to room temperature
8.30am turn oven on to preheat to 220°C
9.25am put pork in oven
9.45am turn oven down to 160°C and cook pork for 1 3/4 hours. Peel and cut potatoes into egg size chunks, par boil for 8 minutes in salted water, drain and shake in pan to fluff then put on a plate to cool.  Peel parsnips  and cut into large chunks, toss in an oven dish with olive oil, maple syrup, salt and pepper then dot with butter.  Peel Brussels sprouts and put in steamer pan with some water. Peel and slice apples and put in a pan with a splash of water on a medium heat to turn into sauce.
10.45am Put a pan with some of the pork fat from the joint into heat for the potatoes.
11am put potatoes and parsnips in oven, stir and fluff apples.
11.30am take pork out to rest on a plate, remove crackling to a baking sheet and cover meat with a metal bowl.  Turn oven up to 200°C.  Turn over potatoes and stir parsnips.  Drain fat from roasting pan and make gravy by deglazing with some kind of alcohol and adding water and seasoning to suit.
11.45am Turn water on under Brussels sprouts, and put crackling in oven to reheat.
12noon have lunch!


Bron said...

Mmm pig, I love pig and I'd fight you for some crackling!

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alejandro said...

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Neilesh Patel (Food Lover) said...

“I really like some of your posts…will bookmark your blog.”

Melanie said...

Great information! I enjoyed this one, and many of the other posts you've been putting out lately.

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