Monday 5 November 2007

Tabasco Sauce

The last of our chillies.

We grow Chillies every year on our deck, they just seem to thrive. I was always surprised how productive the bush always seems to be, and how hot the resulting chillies are. Then I read somewhere that to grow hotter chillies only water once a week . . . I thought I was just being lazy!

This year because we were going away on holiday I wanted to pick them all before we left and rather than just popping them in the freezer I thought some homemade tabasco sauce was in order. It is very simple. And not that authentic. I mean I don't have an oak barrel and three years, let alone the right type of chilli, so perhaps this should be amended to chilli sauce?

Beware the noxious gas release while the sauce is simmering - keep the extractor fan on and a window open!
Chilli Sauce
Makes approximately 1 cup of sauce

250g fresh destalked chillies, chopped roughly
1 cup cider or wine vinegar
1 teaspoon of salt

Mix all the ingredients in a pot and simmer for 5 minutes. Leave to cool. Puree and mature the thick paste in the fridge for a month in a glass jar. Sieve into a sterilised bottle.


Tony said...

A great recipe. I LOVE chilie and this is a perfect sauce .. I can make it as HOT as I like it :-)

Nice blog ;-)

Jacob Gaffney said...

I once tried to make my own hot sauce, but forgot to wear gloves when handling the Habaneros... when I went to adjust my contact lenses... well, that ended my hot sauce career. However, after reading this, will try again!

Nigel Olsen said...

Emma, have a merry christmas!