Tuesday 13 March 2007

a match made in heav·en . . .

. . . and New Zealand when summer finally comes is as close to heaven as we can get!

Our first tomatoes were ready and waiting for us when we got back from holiday ; beautiful and red and sweet.

We had bought some olive oil while we were away so a simple starter came to mind - just tomatoes, olive oil and some fresh herbs. I picked the tomatoes and some tarragon, sliced the tomatoes, dousing them well with olive oil and sprinkling with the tarragon leaves as I went. Then they were left to sit while we opened a bottle of Kaikoura Sauvignon Blanc . . . and we still had no idea of the treat ahead.
This was such a good food and wine match : a fresh, fruity, well rounded Sauvignon Blanc really echoed the succulent flavour of the tomatoes.

I must say I was feeling pretty happy with my lot!


Unknown said...

tomato and wine, i just can taste one of them hehehe... but yes, it's tomatoes season. but hey, look at the weather. i think summer's gone!! glad to hear you back, emma!

Emma said...

Thanks Arfi! I am hoping summer will be back after this short break!