Monday 12 March 2007

kou·ra for kai in kai·kou·ra

What a way to start a holiday!

Koura (Maori for crayfish) for kai (Maori for food) in Kaikoura (first stop after Blenheim on a South Island of New Zealand odyssey).

As you drive into Kaikoura you start to see sheds and stands selling freshly cooked crayfish, and I ask you - what can you do but stop and get one to eat on the roadside overlooking the Pacific Ocean? I only wish we had a bottle of delicious New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc to complete the picture.

The crayfish are lined up screaming "pick me, pick me!". They look so wonderful : brightly coloured and obviously freshly caught and cooked. The only question is - do you want gravy? - as the koura is cut in half and placed on a plastic plate with some lemon and lots of serviettes.

As as we are back from our tour of the South, I can't wait to get back!


Barbara said...

Welcome back Emma.

Emma said...

Thanks Barbara, as nice as holidays are it is always lovely to get back home too.