Sunday 3 December 2006

Christ·mas has come ear·ly

Christmas has come early in my house thanks to the very generous Paul!

A bottle of Camshorn Pinot Gris from Waipara, Braeburn apple juice, 2 beetroot that Paul grew himself, some rosemary from his garden, cold smoked Akaroa salmon, ciabatta from Rachel Scott in Amberly, Talbot Forest Castle Rock cheese from Geraldine, Verona Salami made by Peter Timbs, Italian artisinal orzo, Valrona Caraibe chocolate.

As you might imagine lunch yesterday included the ciabatta, salami and cheese and chocolate. All of which were very special and delicious. I think I can buy the cheese up here, so it will be appearing again! We are going to have the smoked salmon today and the wine this evening. The apple juice was the perfect thing to have when we got up this morning - you can really taste the braeburn apples. The orzo will be ripped open tomorrow night for a special pasta. The beetroot and rosemary are such a special inclusion ; the beetroot will be roasted and served in a salad at lunchtime, and the rosemary will flavour some roast potatoes this evening.

Thanks Paul, I love it!

Parcels will be arriving around the country as we speak, and a round up will be featured here soon!


Anonymous said...

Great presentation Emma. Lovely parcel of goodies too. I'm impressed with the home grown beetroot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Your slide show is fabulous. I hope you enjoy the wine tonight. It was nice to share some of the things I've enjoyed with you. Thanks for organising.

Anonymous said...

if i know i can send some fresh farm eggs, i will do that! certainly Paul, it's a wonderful gift! you must be enjoying your early x-mas present, Emma!! i love your slides! it's great!

Anonymous said...

Great Hamper, everything looks very delicious! I am also impressed to discover so many NZ food blogs!

Emma said...

All I can say is I am a very lucky girl! Aren't we all!?