Saturday 8 July 2006

an·tip·o·de·an blog·ging by post I

What a haul! First I would like to say thank you so much to kestypes of A Year's Worth of Eating, for organising and for sending me such a fantastic parcel!

So, what do you see above?
  • A cookie cutter in the shape of australia - what more could a kiwi want! I love cookie cutters, and I certainly don't have one of these!
  • Balmain & Rozelle spice - Fragrant spice blend. "A spice blend that celebrates the contemporary character of the area, supported by traditional Australian values". Smells so good, as it should, containing lime leaves, lemon myrtle, cumin, ginger, garlic, galangal, caraway and coriander. I think I will be trying this as a dry rub for pan-fried meat.
  • A caramello koala, first thing to go of course!
  • Caramelised figs poached in muscat, these I will save until I have a suitable piece of cheese. I am thinking a good strong cheddar with oatcakes.
  • Nougat, I love nougat. Looks packed full of pistachios, and maybe cranberries and figs . . .
  • Organic udon, these are great noodles, and they come beautifully presented in three bundles.
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Anonymous said...

Some lovley goodies there Emma.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,
Nougat!! Was it good? I love the spices, but I still ask the question, were is Tasmania. I may send eveyone a bottle of Ninth Island wine to match their cookie cutters. (Hi to Tassie from the other island!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,
Since you, Bron and I all have an aussie cookie cutter, shall we have a little meme challenge for the three of us and then challenge our Aussie Parters in a Bledisloe style event

The Challenge - Cook three different things/styles with your Aussie cookie cutter.

(currently manufacturing a New Zealand Cookie cutter....??)

Emma said...

What a great idea! I'm in! And let me know when you have finished the NZ one I'll be the first to order - and don't forget Stewart Island!