Thursday 7 June 2007

roast veg·e·ta·ble pas·ta


So, I got home, no idea what to have for dinner, wanting to use up the vegetables we have before we get our box delivered tomorrow, see some orzo in the pantry that I decide needs to be used up, pull a chicken breast out of the freezer, turn on the oven, peel the vegetables, cut the vegetables, oil the vegetables, season the vegetables, and cook the vegetables, boil the pasta, fry the chicken, deglaze the pan with lemon juice and a chicken stock cube, serve dinner, take a photo, eat the dinner.

Not a bad evening's work.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell this Aussie what 'orzo' is? Roast vegetable pasta sounds like a lovely alternative to the awful sounding leftovers.

Emma said...

Hi Mary from Aussie!
Orzo is the rice shaped pasta. Very handy to have on hand. It turned out to be a good dinner in the end!