Friday 17 November 2006

beetroot and brazil nut relish

Beetroot is a guaranteed way to add a bit of pink to a meal, shocking though it is! Beetroot can be happily included in many meals, contributing not just colour but also sweetness and vitamin C and antioxidents among other benefits.

I think the best way to cook a beetroot is to wash gently, taking care not to damage the skin, trimming only the leaves, then wrap loosely in foil and roast for an hour or two. Sometimes I add some salt, pepper and olive oil, but only if they are within reach. After cooling enough to handle the skin comes away easily and then the purple globe is ready to be introduced to many a recipe. A newly found favourite of mine is :

beetroot and brazil nut relish
flexible ingredients, flexible quantities, flexible servings

Purée the roasted beetroot with some garlic. Add some brazil nuts ; the more nuts the thicker and more substantial the relish will be. Season with redwine vinegar, salt and pepper. Leave for a few hours for the flavours to develop. Serve with bread and cheese, roasted meats, felafels and pita, anywhere some bright pink relish would be welcome.


Anonymous said...

Yum ,love love this color! Great idea Emma.

Anonymous said...

we always have a patch of beetroots in our garden every year and they will become available for the all-year-round. i often have no idea what to do with them, and your posting this gives me more than a solution. thanks, Emma!

Anonymous said...

This looks fabulous! The idea of beetroot and brazil nuts sounds really interesting - no doubt roasting the beetroot brings out their flavour.

Emma said...

Bea - Beetroot always gives such a a fab colour - a great excuse to use them!
Arfi - what do you use them for? I love beetroot, I usually roast them and include them in salad for lack of other idea. But a beetroot risotto is so beautiful - and perfect for this Hay Hay Its Donna Day.
Tim - I think you could use any nut, but Brazil nuts are particularly good for you!

Anonymous said...

I love beetroot - quite obsessively to be honest. I'm always looking for new recipes and this is a great combination. Thanks.