Monday 26 June 2006

a pile of im·promp·tu food

This was a bit of a surprise : I had bought some prawns, but then Mama was able to stay for dinner, but there was not enough prawns for all of us so I had to augment the dinner with something else. Goodness me! What on earth would complement prawns without overpowering their subtle flavour, but could also stand up to the same marinade (but not in the same dish - cross contamination is not my bag baby!). Well fish of the land of course - chicken.

I minced. Up some chilli, garlic and olive oil. This syrupy mixture was smeared over (separate) piles of chicken goujons and peeled and deveined prawns, and left to marinate in the fridge for a couple of hours. When the time came to cook the beast of an impromptu feast, I took the precaution to preboil some basmati rice, and clean and trim some broccoli and pick (from the garden no less) and wash some parsley and Vietnamese mint. As the moment approached I set the grill to high and threaded some greased skewers with the [separate] chicken and prawns. Naturally the chicken takes longer to cook being the denser meat, but that is of no consequence, the chicken skewers are happy to be grilled for longer.

The serving is easy. Pile the rice on a platter, frill with some perfectly steamed broc, and form a pyre with the skewers of chicken and pram. All that is needed is the parsley and mint scattered atop.

Et voila, a big pile of impromptu food. Enjoy and dig in.


Vintage Wine said...

Hi! Your blog is really nice :-) I`m amazed how you create a meal just like that, to me that`s magic.

Emma said...

Thank you so much! What a lovely comment.

Vintage Wine said...

You`re welcome :-)
I`ve bookmarked your blog & will make sure to keep on reading it!