Sunday 9 April 2006

pheas·ant liv·er cro·sti·ni

I am having a pheasant phest at The Laughing Gastronome! I am determined to use every last morsel of this bird I can!

To recap :

Roast Pheasant
Pheasant Galette
Game Sauce
Game Soup

and now :

Pheasant liver crostini!

This is simple, and a bit of a treat to enjoy while the roast pheasant is resting. Albeit you need to have planned ahead so the liver is waiting for you. First of all make sure that you have rescued the liver and the other giblets from the pheasant before you roasted it. Secondly make sure you did not include it in the giblets you roasted for the sauce, and thirdly don't include it in the stock for the game soup.

If you have done all this you can then trim the liver of any sinews and fry it quickly in a hot pan in some foaming butter. Then squash it onto the crouton that you cleverly cooked under the pheasant, sprinkle with salt and a wee bit of pepper.

Warning : This is rich and sinful, but so delicious and frugal - I mean you could have just thrown that bit of offal away!

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